Maya 8: The Complete Reference By Tom Meade

Author: Tom Meade

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 1 ed

Date:May 24, 2007

Format: pdf

Language: English 

ISBN10: 0071485961

Pages: 691


Description  :

The Complete Reference teaches you how to use the latest version of Maya to its full potential. You can integrate motion, create complex effects, manipulate lighting, render your final animation, and post production will be ready to learn.

* Build a 3D polygon, NURBS, and subdivision surface models using
* Use the displacement map geometry Advanced
* Create and skin skeletons
* Connect the attributes of any nodes
* Control to build a skeleton rig rig
* Create your own mail from scripts using tools
* Master the textures, cameras, and light control Hypershade
* The Artisan tools, Paint Effects tools, and 3D paint tools to work with
* Postproduction render your animation



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